Thursday, May 26


Oh my. I thought that by now I was going to be blogging more, but now that Eamon is walking I seem to have even less time. Sigh.

In January I started working for my cousin part time, and I once again have a commute. Having a commute was one reason I started knitting in earnest to begin with, and now I have that time again. Not a lot, but it is something. And I am knitting.

I recently participated in a Mother's Day swap with a group of other mothers on Ravelry. We were to make one accessory type thing for our partner, and also include something yarny and yummy. I was waylaid in starting - to be honest, I got really obsessed with a baby blanket that I am making for a friend, and then I got very busy with a project I was doing in Philadelphia.

I ended up making my partner a scarf. It is lacy and thin; she had said that she liked skinny scarves so this was an excuse to make one.
Susan Scarf by Kristen Hanley Cardozo

Pattern: Susan Scarf by Kristen Hanley
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, 1 skein

Amazingly, and maybe this is because I now have a child, I never managed to memorize this pattern, even though it was pretty simple. I like how it looks though.

And here's hoping that I get on here and blog more.