Saturday, March 31

peeping tom

From our kitchen I can see several other kitchens, and it fascinates me. When I'm making dinner (or tea or washing the dishes) I often find myself gazing out the window and examining our neighbors. I feel that my interest actually comes from a wish to know them, as our relationship has never gone far beyond wishing each other a nice day.

My report:
Directly across from us is another couple. They look about our age and I think the woman is pregnant. It looks like their kitchen is really big, but I can't tell what they've done with it. Sometimes I am tempted to go over there and knock on their door, to introduce myself. I know that we would be great friends, if only we could meet, though if we did meet I'm not sure what I would say. "Hi, I'm that girl who you see watching you! You know, the one with no curtains who cooks dinner really late? It's SO great to finally meet you! you have a lovely apartment! Where did you get those cool hinged interior shutters?"

Below them are another couple. For awhile their apartment was empty and being renovated. I could see lots of dropcloths around, newly finished floors and the two would appear, admiring their new home. Occasionally a little dog would walk through the view. Now they live there and have put up curtains, which is smart of them because otherwise I could tell you more.

Way down, on the second floor, is a family I saw at the shareowner's meeting last fall. The woman was then very pregnant and she had a little girl with her. Now I can see her making dinner with the baby strapped to her front, which I think is very clever though knowing me I would lean over a pot and burn the baby.

I'm not sure what my point is. I suppose that we all get a thrill out of glimpsing other people's lives (the reality television craze is one example) and living a little vicariously. And I hope that they are more fulfilled than I feel myself.

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