Saturday, April 21

buttery comments

I'm never sure whether to respond to comments that people leave, though it's really tempting. I am so excited when I someone writes something, but I've only seen one blog where the blogger responds. Anyway, I've decided to respond right here, in my post.

This week one of my dear Brown cousins (I'm not sure which one, though I have an idea) left a note about butter, and whether I leave it out or put it in the fridge. This is a very interesting question, and one which I might have explored more if I'd had siblings with whom I could gossip about my upbringing.

Interesting fact that I've never evaulated: my parents leave their butter out on the counter.

A few months back I was talking with my Brown cousins and this subject came up. Apparently, they (or one of them) believes that this is a Brown thing, that this is something passed down through the family, like the ability to use power tools or remember family anecdotes (unfortunately I think I got the Scott memory). The Browns leave their butter out.

To answer this question once and for all: I do not leave my butter out.

But I used to. When I was in college, I interned for several summers for a regional opera company and lived in a huge house with 13 other people. One of these people is still a good friend, and she had recently moved to the U.S. from France. She explained to me that butter can go bad, and would routinely throw away anyone's butter that was left out overnight. I had never before considered that butter had a shelf-life, but I think she's right. Fresh butter does taste creamier than counter butter. I actually keep all but one stick in the freezer, to prolong its life.

My other confession: I don't use butter very much. Sometimes I use it to saute or in baking, but for the most part I don't eat it straight up. We did get a fabulous butter dish as wedding present from a family friend who is a potter, however. And I wish I had an excuse to leave it on the counter all the time.

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