Wednesday, April 4

lighting makes the room

My dad came up for the day today and we worked on improving the apartment. It was just the two of us since Christopher was teaching all day.

He installed a new fan in our living room.

and we (mostly he) put track lights in our hallway. Our plan is to line the hallway with tons of family photos, though we are still figuring out what we want it to look like. Since Christopher already has a bunch of photos in black frames and white mattes (and our wedding certificate is framed similarly), we will probably stick to that style with our new images.

The pink tinge from the lights is little odd. Christopher said it reminded him of Christmas lights. Hm.
In any case, we are both blown away every time we enter the hallway and turn on the lights. It's just a completely different experience, sort of like we live in an art gallery or something.


Anonymous said...

Well, it does sort of remind me of the Met, it's just lacking that Vermeer..

Anonymous said...

it looks fantastic!