Saturday, May 5

knitting update

Since we're updating things, I thought I'd post a second time today and let you know how my tank top is coming along.

The truth is, I'm currently avoiding it. It was going great, very quickly, until I pieced it together and knit the neckline. There's something horribly wrong. The pattern told me to pick up a certain number of stitches, and I did. But it's not enough. As you can see, it's very bunchy. And it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be nice and smooth and tailored-looking. As it is I'm not sure my head would even fit through that opening. (It's not very stretchy either.)

So I think I need to rip out the neckline and add more stitches and reknit it. I actually think the neckline is pretty dull anyway, so maybe I can do a little lacey cast off or something. Ideas, anyone?

And since Dinah has made one appearance on the blog today, I thought I'd add in another. She's more or less glued to me today.

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Kristina said...

Your cat is too pretty, and the tank top is great!