Sunday, June 17

we are back

and I want to share what we did, day-by-day. Mostly I have pictures to show, and I don't want to show them all at once or it will be a photo overload. I've been uploading them all evening, and how here it's nearly 11pm and I'm ready to start sharing.

So. How to do this... I'm thinking I might try changing the date of the posts, so they match the day described. OK? If this works, the posts will appear in date order, meaning that they will show up below this one. Confused? Just scroll down.

A summation before I start: it was gloriously wonderful to be away from everything and to have no schedule other than what we wanted to do. We bought a guide book and poked around some little towns. We didn't hike or do active things as much as we though we would (no swimming all week) but it was plenty full. We also had some very deep discussions about our lives and where we want to go and who we are. And that was wonderful too.

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