Sunday, September 23

poco a poco

I had a long list of things to do this weekend, and practically none of them got done. I feel like this is a huge weakness of mine: starting an organization project and then sticking through it to the end. The problem is that I start organizing, carry one thing out of the room that belongs somewhere else and then I get distracted on the computer or with my knitting or whatever else. Very little gets accomplished.

What I did do this weekend:

-I visited with my cousin and checked out the condo she's made an offer on in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The apartment is yet to be built, but it's pretty sweet. (Imagine glass and brick modern cottage and garden here.)-I saw two movies! We never see movies, but recently we've decided to remedy that and are proud new members of Netflix. So on Friday we watched The Bourne Identity and last night we had a date night and saw Eastern Promises. Eastern Promises was certainly haunting; the plot was rather confusing though and it could have been a lot fuller.

-Christopher helped me photograph my knitting projects (or start to) and I've posted them on this fabulous new knitting site called Ravelry. I was on the waiting list from July 5 until I finally got in last week. It's sort of like Facebook for knitting. I'm not sure where to start describing it but it's completely addictive to someone like me. -We saw a series of one-act plays this afternoon and then played squash for 45 minutes. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but for the past 6 weeks or so I've had episodes of dizzyness and headaches. This past week has been especially bad, but for some reason the squash playing took away my headache (which I've had since Wednesday). And it was tons of fun.

-I organized my studio a wee bit and painted my model for a presentation I have tomorrow. I'd been putting that off but it actually went really quickly and will make a huge difference. Anyway, back to my point: I organized the studio a little bit. It's becoming a space where I like to work and where it's not hard to find things. I still need to sort through everything that's on the shelves on the right (and attach the shelves to the wall so they don't tip over some day), but it's beginning to feel right. And Christopher's side of the room is also coming together, but that's another post, another day.

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