Tuesday, October 16

Ups and Downs

I've just got another week to go with this play I'm designing. There's a lot of planning the hours on certain days, coupled with wondering how I'll occupy myself on other days: hurry up and wait.

I saw the neurologist yesterday and he was rather dismissive of my headaches, accounting them to stress. I'm to cut down on the medication he gave me before (which has alleviated them for the past two weeks), so now the headaches are back. The pain just grinds me down. I don't know what to do. In other unhappy news, Christopher's sweater doesn't fit him very well. It seems to be just the wrong shape, or perhaps it's too big. It's hard to tell in the state it's in. This afternoon I was revving up to rip out the sleeves and reknit them smaller. I just had him put the sweater on again and it looks more like the problem is that there's just tons of fabric right under the sleeve, in the body of the sweater. I'm taking a big breath and have decided to continue onwards, sew on the buttons, block in and then see what needs to be done. Maybe it will all come together.Strangely, I get a lot of joy about thinking about life after the show opens. It's not been an unhappy process, but it is making me really anxious. Is it that I need more work to keep me occupied, so there's less time to worry about details? Or is it that I'm not cut out to work in theater?

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Mary Jane said...

I'm always thinking, "as soon as these sweaters are fininshed, I can relax and knit what I really want to". I get tres, tres stressed. I think learning to manage workload is the major lesson. Break it down into parts is my new mantra! Finish one part before worrying about the next, you can think about it but don't allow yourself worry about what comes next, it will all work out!! And I know...you're bombarded with a million "parts", life is not linear. Oh well. I bet the set rocks!