Sunday, January 20

we are back!

And, though our apartment is a wreck, it's really nice to be home! Dinah, my dear cat, is on my lap (and licking my neck) as soon as I sit down and the heat, ah! Seattle might have a more moderate climate, but it's also fairly humid and I've never been so continually cold to the bones. It's really good to be back in our very sunny and warm apartment.

There was some interest in souvenir yarn, and I'm happy to say that we made it to a yarn store in Seattle: So Much Yarn. I was not going there intending to buy yarn; I'm trying to shrink my stash and all I need is more yarn. But... well... once I was there I just couldn't stop myself, especially when I discovered that they were out of #7 double pointed needles, which was my excuse in going in the first place. The store was bright and big and had a huge and varied selection. The women who worked there were very friendly and we discussed my hat, which it turned out one of them had also knit and had problems with.

Anyway, I was so cold in Seattle that I was longing for alpaca, and I ended up with 2 skeins of Mirasol Yarn Miski Alpaca, which I would like to make into a very warm and cozy scarf. (This less than a month after I swore I'd never knit a scarf again.) There's not a lot of yardage in this yarn, and I'd like something that really concentrates on my neck and shoulders. Can anyone recommend a pattern?

ETA: With this recent bitter cold, I am also now wanting an extra warm hat, but I don't think there's enough yarn for both a hat and a neck warmer...bah! I should have bought more! (I noticed that Webs carries this yarn... maybe I need to put in an order...)

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Anonymous said...

I really love the neck warmer I got for Christmas. It would probably not be hard to extend the pattern down and out to make nearly a yoke to tuck into the top of a garment.
I've noticed various other women with neck warmers since getting my own. They are just great.