Thursday, January 24

White winter view

This is the view from our living room window. I took this photograph last February. Last summer, while visiting Christopher's grandparents in Maine, his grandmother mentioned our balcony. In fact, she kept talking about our balcony. We weren't sure what she was talking about, as we have no balcony. Then I remembered that I'd sent her this photo, which includes part of our fire escape.

Edited to add: I recommend checking out the other participants in this winter wonderland week. You can find a list of them here. (You might need to scroll down.)

Edited again to add: Mary Jane asked what else I see out the window. Other than the trees and street, if I actually stick my head out and peer I can see an art museum. We can see the Verrazano Bridge far, far away. And we see a line of airplanes flying towards and over us into LaGuardia airport.

Here's a less white photo of the view (though it was snowing, so maybe it still counts towards the winter whites??)


Leslie said...

Wow, what a view off of your "balcony."

Mary Jane said...

What a nice view, especially with the snow. What else do you see, when you go out onto your "balcony"?