Thursday, March 6

going on a trip

In about 3 hours, I'll be sitting on a big plane. I am, once again (if you can believe it) going on a two week vacation. I'll be visiting my friend and her family in Germany, and we're all going to spend a week on the Danish coast before heading back to Germany where Christopher will join us. I'm pretty psyched.

I have been packing for the past few hours, which more or less means that I have been wandering around the apartment, spotting something random and collecting it. Here is the beginning of my collection. Notice that just about everything is cooking or knitting related.Clearly I have plans for this next week! Knitting wise, I'm hoping to finish a bunch of projects, including both the Forecast sweater for me (just lacking a sleeve) and Christopher's Jarrett (which just needs me to cast off the sleeve, block it and sew both sleeves to the body). It will be such a relief to have those projects done.

Through the wonders of Ravelry and modern technology, I also have scouted out the best yarn store in the area I'll be in, and have tips as to which local yarns to buy. I'm really excited and have already planning to make myself a pair of Keep Away felted slippers which one of the very cool felting yarns that they sell there. I've never felted before, but what else is a week on the rainy Danish coast good for?

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Friender said...

Woo hooo! Have a great time! Will be looking forward to seeing your stash acquisition expedition purchases when you return.