Thursday, April 3

a quick plug

I am up over my head in design work at the moment, but I thought I'd put in a word for my parents' rental house, which is in Maine.
The house is for rent on a weekly basis through the summer. It's a darling house, but not the type of place you go to if you want to catch up with your TV watching. Rather, it's a good base to explore the area and come back to, or to sit on the lawn and read, or cook a delicious meal in. It's a quiet spot, on a dirt road (which you can see in the photo), with great swimming just a short walk away. And it's old and has tons of character.

My father has set up a website where you can learn more about it and there is also a link to a slide show of photos. Really, it's a very affordable summer vacation. And the area is really wonderful.

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