Friday, April 18


This week has been long, but I can't tell you a whole lot about what happened. We had some visitors. We ate a lot of soup. We received lots of well wishes and cards (thank you all for your notes!). I have become an expert eye drop administrator, though I'm still mastering the eye ointment.
Wednesday was spent shuffling between doctors. First the Oral Surgeon (who goes by "Keith." It's a little off putting, to be honest. You don't really want your doctor to be human and have a first name.) who took the stitches out of Christopher's eyebrow and from the corner of his eye. He was very positive about how things were healing and how the swelling has reduced.

Given my stress headaches I should have known that I would have a physical reaction to Christopher's condition, but it really took me by surprise. While I was sitting with him at the ER I felt very dizzy and hot. After his surgery I actually had to run to the bathroom to throw up. And while his stitches were being removed I thought I would throw up again, though I didn't. At that point Christopher told me to go wait in the waiting room, since I could barely stand and my head was reeling. These attacks take me by surprise and are completely dehabilitating right when I want to be focused on relieving his pain and anxiety.

Luckily it looks like the worst is over, and so hopefully these attacks are too. We also visited the Opthamologist on Wednesday, and they said that any problems he's having with is vision now should go away within a few weeks. We saw a plastic surgeon as well, someone unrelated to the surgery and the hospital, and he said that the work the surgeons had done looked surprisingly well done, and that he thought that Christopher would look completely normal within a few months.

Yesterday our big trip was to the police precinct, where they apparently had lost all record of Christopher's attack. I had been transferred here and there when I called on Tuesday, and then was informed that we had to come fill out a new report, which might take awhile "because there could be a shooting outside." This didn't make us feel so good (or safe) but the visit went very well and everyone we spoke with seemed concerned about what had happened and as confused about the lost report.

So. Today is another day, a beautiful spring day. Our big plan is to go walk around outside, which Christopher has barely done since the attack. He is currently rather terrified of our neighborhood, and also self-conscious about his bruised cheek and bloody black eye, but I think a trip to the Botanical Garden might do him good. Let's hope so.

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Miss Mildred said...

I hope your trip to the botanic garden was good!