Friday, May 2

another handspun

This is some of the mohair/merino blend that Christopher gave me for Christmas. (the touch of red is from the Gotlandish/merino I got in Denmark. It turns out to need some carding before I can spin it.)It's great yarn, but there are only 84 yards. What can I do with that?

I'm running out of fibers that are dyed or otherwise a color... I could just spin some undyed fiber, but wouldn't it be fun to dye it?? I'm just not sure where to start.


emily said...

This is beautiful yarn. Wouldn't it make a great collar, and cuffs or button band for a sweater of the same blend in a different color (perhaps that red...)

Mary Jane said...

You might squeeze out some mittens or fingerless gloves, failing that a sweet cabled headband, ear-warmer thingy? It is so pretty, I love the bit of red.