Saturday, May 17

catching up

I haven't shown much of my knitting recently. I guess I've fallen off the bandwagon in that respect. The sharing part, not the knitting part. Some of what I've been working on is gift knitting, and so I can't post that here. And slogging through the never ending sweater projects... that's just not so interesting.

But I do have something to show. I made something with my merino handspun! Check it out: In case you can't tell, it's a neck warmer. It is knit flat and seamed. My gauge was off, and it was too wide, so when I'd knit it as long as I wanted it wide (!) I cast off and then picked up stitches from the side. Honestly, it sort of looks like it's supposed to be that way. (At least that's what I'm telling myself.) The pattern is Ilean by Patti Simmons, discovered happily on Ravelry.

I also recently started a tank top. Pattern: Beaded Cami, by Black Dog Designs.

It's zooming along, and the stockinette stitch is perfect for knitting while I'm in rehearsal and have to concentrate on what's going on around me. I know it will be useful, but with the way the weather has been behaving recently I am considering putting it on hold and starting a pair of fingerless mitts.

I actually have a pair of mitts already, or I should say that I had some mitts. I knit a mitt in January, loved it and finished its mate at the end of March. And then I promptly lost the mate. So I have one mitt.Pattern: Chevron Mitts, by TinySushi

The thing about these mitts is that they're knit with tiny needles, and they don't take that long, but it still feels long. And so I'm tempted to take some of my handspun and whip up something really simple. But then, I could probably just make a mate for my lone mitt, and then I'd be alright. And the single mitt could be used.

Oh, the agony! (can you tell I'm on the cusp of casting on something new? And it doesn't really matter to me what that new thing is?)


claire said...

knit a mate! it is so, so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eliza,
While in Italy last fall, I bought some beautiful Mohair, acrylic blend which is multicolor. I plan to make a sort of two dimensional sculpture with it which will incorporate a god's eye. This will be my first yarn project since grade school. Yarn is so beautiful! You have done many nice projects.