Sunday, August 17

Superwash: dye hog!

So, the dyeing is done. Mostly.

I was hoping to have lots of wonderful things to write here about it, but I'm a little disappointed. After a little posting on the Natural Dyeing forum page on Ravelry, I seem to have a reason why:

Apparently superwash wool hogs all the dye. I dyed all of my fibers together, and I shouldn't have. My superwash turned out great, but the other fibers seem more tinted than dyed. The superwash is at the top of this photo. Blue Faced Leicester is below it. And my poor merino is to the right.

We're leaving tomorrow on a 7am bus, but I may do some emergency goldenrod picking, and a last minute overdye on the merino and Blue Faced Leicester tonight before bed.

Yeah, I realize I'm cutting it close, and it might be a late night! But I'll have plenty of time to sleep on the bus, right?


meg said...

Oh, wow. That's a drastic difference. I vote for overdying! Could you pick the goldenrod and then do the overdying at home?

The Yarn Monkey said...

Are you going to spin on the bus? Sounds tricky. : )