Saturday, September 20

crisp air

Fall seems to be here.

It's been so warm and so humid that somehow I wasn't prepared yesterday when I went to the Guggenheim and then dinner with a friend. For the first time in months, I didn't have enough clothing, and longed for a pair of mitts and a shawl to warm me up.

It's funny. For months now I've been browsing Ravelry, admiring all of these new sweaters that have wide 3/4 length sleeves, wondering which one I should cast on. And then (usually after choosing one, and then browsing which yarn would be appropriate) I remember that I have a sweater in progress that more or less fits that criteria, and I should probably just finish that first before I decide I need another one like it. Especially since I can't imagine that wide 3/4 length sleeves are very appropriate with cold winter temps and are probably a huge pain to get an overcoat over. (Just imagine those bunched up sleeves and cold arms. I cringe just thinking about it.)I cast this on back in February. It's the Cables and Lace Kimono from Sweaterbabe, and I am using purple Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK that I got on sale from Webs last fall. The yarn is gorgeous (though the color doesn't photograph so well), and I'm loving the sweater.

Two minor hitches however: a) the needle I was using has now been moved to another project, which I'm more actively working on and b) since it's all being knit in one piece it's gotten very bulky and it's really not so portable. I may be able to work through these barriers though. Seems like if I'm ever going to wear it, now would be the time to finish it, right?


Anonymous said...

Right! It is gorgeous.

I hope you'll show us your progress as you move on it.


Lauren said...

that is going to be beautiful! and right now is the perfect weather for that type of sweater! I've been enjoying wearing my sweaters for a few days now. before we know it will be snowing...

A Walsh said...

ooooohhh! beautiful, I can't wait to see it blocked and on!

knithound brooklyn said...

It looks fantastic so far! Keep going, it will come in handy in about two weeks.