Friday, October 17

I have to crow a little

so please put up with me for a minute.

Ok, ok, it's not the Boston Globe (which has supposedly announced that they're not reviewing any shows on the Cape after Labor Day), but still:

This play is a two-hour game of hide the truth and seek the answers, all played out against the backdrop of a sculptured cityscape outside the office window where the light is ever-changing in dramatic sweeps, always a reflection of what is taking place on stage, thanks to brilliant lighting design by John Malinowski. Created by Eliza Brown, the set outside the window is a lifelike view that engages the audience with its clever construction and imaginative conception.

-The Provincetown Banner

I guess all that really annoying work drafting the forced perspective city paid off!


Anonymous said...

Go girl!!


Anonymous said...

The best I've seen in a long while!
Brooks (Wilster) Atkinson

t does wool said...

what a splendid I wish I was there to see....

OonieBird said...

Huzzah!! That's wonderful. and I'm sure incredibly well deserved! Yay Eliza!

meg said...

Excellent, excellent!