Tuesday, October 28

rain delayed

Those of you who don't live in Philadelphia and who might not follow baseball may not realize that the Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series.
The Phillies. My team.

OK. I'm not the best fan. I follow the team mostly for my dad's sake, and until last week I didn't even know who the players were. At all. Last time I checked, Lenny Dykstra was the main guy. But that was 15 years ago, the last time they were in the World Series.

Christopher and I have been watching this year's World Series games, which have typically had surprise endings in the early morning in which the Phillies magically win. It's been fun learning about the players, and were as surprised as anyone else when the pitcher magically hit a home run in Game 4. Going into Game 5, the Phillies just needed one more game to win the Series, which they haven't done since 1980, when I was in kindergarten.

This is all a lead up to the fact that my father had two tickets to last night's game, and that he had asked me to go with him. This was the game that could win the Series!! I can't really describe the excitement I felt, except to state that I decided that I had to knit a hat for my father to wear to the game. That's how excited I was. Half the people on the bus to Philadelphia were wearing Phillies gear, and when I got off the bus everyone else had it on too.

The spirit was in the air. Winning was within reach!

We took the subway to the field (which is super nice for a stadium, I have to say) and found our seats. Here was our view. Yeah, not so great. And it was kind of chilly, even though we'd dressed for the weather. And before long, it began to rain. At first it wasn't so bad, but then it began to drench us.

We were miserable and disappointed. Here was all this hype, a game that could lift this city's spirits, and we weren't enjoying it. We couldn't see. We were wet. We were cold. I was longing for a lap blanket, and my father started talking about how nice it would be to watch the game from home, in front of the fireplace. Being dry and warm sounded very appealing.Other fans began to leave. I noticed that my feet were sitting in a puddle. In between innings a grounds crew would come out and put more dirt on the diamond. It took forever and it only made us more depressed. Eventually, after the Rays tied the game 2-2 and players were slipping in puddles and dropping balls, the crew started to pull out the tarp. We knew this was it for the night, and headed home.

My enthusiasm is dampened. The game has been postponed to Wednesday night, due to even more disgusting weather today, and though I'd still like to be there for a win, and hopefully a better game, I feel a little betrayed by the whole event. I know a lot of fans are angry about the game, that it was scheduled to start so late and that it went on for so long. But I shouldn't hold that against the Phils, right?


A Walsh said...

woah!! you were there! Oonas gonna be jealous!!

meg said...

That's the worst. I can't believe they waited so long to call the game, or that they even played it. I heard the forecast was bad from the get-go. Do you guys get to use your tickets to see the second half of the game on Weds? Or do the game 5 ticket holders get to see it? At least you were there for a historical event- a pitcher getting a home run in the world series is nothing to sniff at.

Terra said...

How disappointing. I have to say, I love the type face of the Phillies logo.

derek said...

The handmade Phillies hat is spectacular--funky, lumpy, unique--the opposite of pro sports glitz. So much of fandom is about merging with the crowd--this hat IS about solidarity with the crowd, but in a way that is resolutely yours. I saw parts of the games on TV and game 5 really did look brutal! I missed the pitcher's HR however in game 4. It is satisfying to see the triumph of good typography at last. The Phillies are one of the best, design-wise, I think.