Saturday, November 8

calming down

Yesterday I took the morning off to go to a morning yoga class. I used to do yoga quite a bit, but in the past few years the classes have triggered stomach aches, and once I had to run out to throw up during a class. Needless to say, I've cut down on yoga.

Yesterday was different, perhaps because I have been so stressed. In any case, it was like rediscovering an old friend. I left the class feeling very relaxed, and the feeling has continued through today. I would like to make it more of a practice, and hopefully it will help me keep my stress levels down.

I spent most of this rainy day today spinning wool, knitting, cooking and talking on the phone with an old friend, and all of it was good for my soul. Christopher and I baked a pumpkin pie using a pumpkin I bought at the Coop yesterday. It was delicious though very gingery.

On a completely other note, has anyone seen these Japanese cat videos on YouTube or Gothamist? This one especially cracks me up.

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Terra said...

That video is disturbing! I kept waiting for the cat to suffocate and die. And why was it on Gothamist??