Wednesday, November 12

one of these things is not like the other

Last week when I was at the Coop, I bought a pumpkin for our pumpkin pie. A little further down the aisle were some different squashes, and I couldn't get past how beautiful one type was in particular. It looked sort of like a pumpkin but all wrinkly and with a powdery surface. I had to get it.When I was checking out, the worker picked up my squash quizzically and pronounced, "This is not the same as this," pointing to my pumpkin.

"I know," I said, "it's a squash."

She repeated her line, until I found the squash on her checkout screen for her.

Isn't a pumpkin a squash? The Donatello statue titled Zuccone is translated academically as "Pumpkin Head," when it literally means "big squash," and I don't think they had (or have) pumpkins in Florence. Hm...


Anonymous said...

It does seem easy to wonder if they aren't both pumpkins. I bet they are. There are many varieties of pumpkins, and they are all squashes. Winter ones. It would be fun to carve the bumpy one in to an old man's head...

Do those two taste the same? Hmmm.

I remember baking a pumpkin in about 1970 and making a bit wet mess in the roasting pan! Good luck!

A Walsh said...

WOW! That is a cool pumpkin, it must have been hard getting the skin off.