Tuesday, November 4


Christopher and I got up early this morning to vote. He has to teach at 11 and I have to move some furniture for my show at 9:30. We knew we'd have to wait in line, and gave ourselves an extra hour for voting.

But when we got to our polling place we found this, which is bad enough. (4 years ago I waited an hour in a line that didn't even come out of the building) But then it turned the corner and went down the street. We came home. We'll both be home mid-afternoon, and hopefully the line will be shorter then.

(PS Check it out. Brownstoner linked to my photo!)

(PPS So did the Gothamist!)


knithound brooklyn said...

whoa, Brownstoner! How cool!

t does wool said...

our lines were not that long...I hope you got to vote!

Terra said...

You're famous! My pictures were not nearly impressive, as the line was only about 20 people long when I went at around 11am, but it was still a lot longer than I had ever seen before!

Mary Jane said...

What a great document your pictures are.