Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

We had a good end to 2008-- brunch with Christopher's aunt and uncle and cousins, an afternoon at the Coop doing a hurried make up shift, and friends for dinner and wine. Overall the day was friendly and open, with hope and good feelings for the future. This is a can of champagne that I received at my bridal shower more than 2 years ago. I broke it out last night for the celebration. It was rather gross but fun to drink.

Yesterday the Coop closed early, and therefore was mobbed. I watched as a friend of mine who works there kept her temper in check. I tried to assure her that people would be more considerate once the holiday season was over.

Why I like the Coop: I witnessed a shopper drop a jar of something (applesauce?). He immediately found a broom and swept it to the side, and then got a mop and "wet floor" sign and cleaned up the mess.

Why Christopher hates the Coop: A woman told me that she doesn't understand why the Coop stocks pork, when "pigs are our pets and friends."

We've been laying low today, swearing we'd do some organizing, cleaning and purging. It's slow going, and it's much more interesting to start a new knitting project or listen to the radio while lazing on the sofa. We're starting to make some progress. Slowly. Surely.

Have a good year!


knithound brooklyn said...

I can't help it, I'm with Christopher on that one.

Friender said...

Your new camera makes a yucky can of champagne look so delightful. :) Happy New Year.

t does wool said...

happiest of New Years to you,Eliza...lovin' that camera,I see!

Alyssa said...

Happy New Year! We had awful champagne too. I guess they don't sell good champagne in the little town in the woods where we were staying.