Saturday, January 31


Thank you all for your advice on the socks! You were all very enthusiastic about me finishing them, and I intend to do that as soon as I have time to sit down and do a sewn cast off. And I have to rip out the cast off on my first sock and sew it too. Right now it's too tight and I don't like how it binds around my leg.

I have been working on my show. I guess I might've said that, but in any case, the show has opened, and I am emerging. This play was a lot of work due to its low budget. The producer and I did most of the construction and painting, and we both put in some very long hours last week. Look at what you can do with some old Ikea Billy shelves laid on their sides!
I'm glad it's over, but I only got a handful of photos for my portfolio, which is too bad.

I spent part of today spinning a little, for the first time in weeks, and sewing on some buttons. I promise to have some finished shots of my Alpine shrug soon. Maybe I can wear it tomorrow for our Super Bowl party.

While working this week I cast on and knit another cabled baby bib, since I know 6 people who are pregnant and due in the next 6 months. I must have reached that age, because I'm sure that 7 months from now, I'll still know 6 people who are pregnant. The bib is for no one in particular yet, I'm just stocking up. I'm a little concerned about the button being a choking hazard. Any advice from those of you with kids?


ADW said...

eh, let the parents deal with that ;)

t does wool said...

the bib is adorable!! and you are busy!

Hilary said...

I can't wait to see your shrug -- what cool buttons and beautiful yarn! And you must have the coolest job in the world. The set looks beautiful.

meg said...

Ok, so I have to re-read this post and post on the actual content, but first I wanted to say:
a) I was a PGSA govie in 2001 and so I joined the facebook group to write letters about the budget cut
b) I was perusing the members list to find other govies from my class and found yourself! So I friended you.

Crazy, right?

meg said...

ok, a comment that's on topic:
the bib is awesome, I'm sure everyone Who gets one will love it. I'm also a big fan of knitting wee socks. They take no time, and are always much appreciated, especially if they're thicker than your usual baby sock.

Anonymous said...

Set's beautiful. Bib is too. I agree about letting parents worry about the button; warn them and make sure you've used heavy thread to sew it on.
And the sweater is wonderful. That button is handsome on it.

Anonymous said...

Set's very beautiful. Bib is neat. I agree about letting parents worry about the button; warn them and make sure you've used heavy thread to sew it on.
And the sweater is wonderful. That button is handsome on it.

Worldsitetravellers said...

Wow che bel sito!Complimenti cara Eliza.Lo sai che non mi ero ancora accorta che quella Eliza che mi ha lasciato un commento sul mio sito qualche settimana fa eri proprio tu? eheh! Complimenti anche per l'altro sito!!! Come stai? tutto ok? ho notato che devi essere molto impegnata! Un bacione! ka

Alyssa said...

The set is beatiful! It must feel good to see it all come together after all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

The bib is very pretty :-)
I would say that as long as you sew the button on really, really well it should be ok. (I've used dental to sew buttons on before and it works very well.)
Ties are annoying when the baby is fidgety/angry and velcro snags.

Thorvalda said...

The set looked great, Ikea is very handy - isn't it? Well, I would say the likelihood of getting choked by that little button is very remote. I would not worry. So cute, that little bib! They are very much in use with babies, so it's a very practical gift.