Friday, January 9

yarn karma

After an unsuccessful posting in the Ravelry ISO forum, I tracked down a knitter who had a partial skein of Koigu, and I sent her a message pleading with her to part with her yarn. She was happy to, saying that she didn't like having parts of skeins hanging around. Yesterday a fat envelope came in the mail from California. It contained 1/4 a skein of lavender Koigu, which will be plenty to finish my mittens. The yarn matches perfectly (which I was only slightly worried about, since I didn't know the color number and Koigu has like 10 lavenders or something).

I've also finished my first Noro sock. I love it, though I find the bind off a little tight and will probably redo it. And it's scratchy. But I love looking at it, and I am hopeful that it will soften when I wash it. I told Christopher that I don't think the second sock will have the same color repeats, which confounded him. He thinks socks need to match. (This coming from a man who has 20+ pairs of the same white socks, so he doesn't have to mix and match.)

In my last bit of yarn karma, on Wednesday someone on Ravelry contacted me about some pink Skye Tweed I had in my stash. I had bought it on sale from Webs at least a year ago, and though I loved the color I had no plans for it. This knitter had run out of yarn for a sweater she is knitting, and was desperate for my 2 skeins, since it has been discontinued. It really felt like I was being asked to repay my good yarn fortune, and so I mailed her the yarn yesterday.

Moral of the blog post: pay it forward!


knithound brooklyn said...

Love the Noro sock. No worries, it gets lots softer every time you wash.
You can try to match by finding the same starting point. Not sure that works in the stripe version but I was able to approximate a match when I made mine (same colorway!)

Love the Yarn Karma story too. Very true!

Hilary said...

That's some pretty crazy yarn karma! I'm so happy that my lavender Koigu was exactly what you needed!

A Walsh said...

Wow, Ravelry is qutie the knitting tool huh? Pretty incredible how bits of yarn are traveling around the country completing projects along the way. Your sock is soooo beau-ti-ful! I can't wait for mine to finish!

A Walsh said...

I am affraid my sock isn't going to look like yours!! What color/style did you use??

A Walsh said...

Nevermind, i see you have two strands going there, i guess i'll have to grab another skein

Anonymous said...

Yay for yarn karma!
The socks I made out of kureyon sock softened quite a bit after washing and wearing. They are comfy now :-)

Anonymous said...

If I had socks like that I would never want to cover them up with shoes! So beautiful.
And that's a wonderful yarn karma story.

t does wool said...

oh,so beautiful!!!

Missy knits said...

I am the very thankful Ravelry knitter who begged Eliza for her 2 skeins of Skye Tweed! All's I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Yarn karma is a never ending circle, and paying it forward is the only way to go! Thanks again, Eliza.