Saturday, February 7


I'll have to have a big photo shoot very soon, what with the elusive shrug and those striped socks. If I'm productive in the next few days, you may even see those Vinterblomster mittens on my hands. Of course, the temperature will have to go back below freezing if I want any motivation.

With a little more time at home this week, I've picked up my Metropole coat again. It is a project that I've just been wishing would disappear, but, yeah, it's still in my knitting basket. On Tuesday I emailed Ann and Kay, and they were (of course) sympathetic about the fact that I thought it was going to be too small. They had a bunch of suggestions, and I decided that I should just keep going, making the fronts a little bigger, especially around the hips. (Hopefully I won't regret this and end up with something misshapen and too small.) And then I picked it up and knit another 5" while watching an episode of Law and Order on Tuesday night. It's so fun knitting something in bulky yarn on size 11 needles!!

I also made myself a slouchy hat with some Mountain Colors Twizzle that I got on sale from Stitch Therapy a few years back. The hat is Jane Richmond's Jane. The yarn doesn't really show off the little cable design that goes up it, but I like it anyway. And I love the yarn: silky and drapey, soft and warm. I have another skein of it in an orangey brown color, as well as a partial skein of this dark color left. What to use it for?

Next up: I want a sweater. A big, wooly, cabley sweater. Something tweedy and warm. This is what I want to make,which is a problem for my no-new-yarn, knitting from the stash resolution. I don't have yarn to make it, though I do have yarn to make a Coraline sweater. But that's lighter weight, and it's not tweedy or heavy or very practical in the very cold temperatures we've had recently. (Please do not point out that it will most likely be warmer by the time my sweater is done. One can hope.) So, to put in an order to Beaverslide? or buckle down and finish the coat? or start a Coraline?? (Life is hard, let me tell you.)


OonieBird said...

That first sweater is gorgeous!! And it will work nicely as a light jacket type in the spring, so go for it!!

meg said...

It'll be warm soon, so Coraline will be perfect... On the other hand, the other sweater is lovely too.