Sunday, February 15

it's time for bed

but I thought I should report on our Valentine's Day.

We're not big Valentiner's here, though Christopher insists that I make a big deal of it. "Big Deal" to him is me asking, "what should we do for Valentine's Day?" about 2 days before the actual date. He suggested that we make dinner, and so we did.

The menu was:

French Onion Soup with Gruyere (photo is before baking them)
Lamb Chops with a Rosemary and Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Sauteed Spinach (this was scrapped)

Chocolate Souffle (ala NY Times) and Vanilla Ice Cream (store bought)The soup was the best, though we forgot to get bread for it. Next time. The chocolate souffles came out well but had very little flavor. Definitely not repeating them. And the lamb chops were very fatty. Again, not to be repeated (though the meat was very tasty. There was just like one bite though.)

One of my oldest friends, Joanna, stayed with us this week. She was in town from Seattle with a dance group that was having their New York premiere. Joanna and I were interns together back when we were in college. We barely see each other or talk much now, so having so much time together over the course of a week was fun, full of reminiscing and catching up.

She brought with her a scarf that I made back when I'd picked up knitting again, probably around 2002 or 2003. I had thought she didn't like it, so it was surprising to see her wearing it. It is actually nicer than I remember it too.


Lauren said...

that dinner looks delicious!

also, happy birthday!

t does wool said...

nice menu and the scarf is beautiful!

ADW said...

is there a holiday you guys get excited for? ;)