Friday, March 13

it's that time again

My parents are renting their house in Maine by the week in the summer. It's cheap. It's simple. It's a great base for exploring, and a nice spot for just hanging out.Check out the site.


ADW said...

OMG I'm totally in love. I would rent that house in a heart beat, I just love it! Is it their house?? Like do they live in it during the off-season or is it always a rental? I especially love the little window prop in the bedroom window and of course the gorgeous bed frame too. I'd be too tempted to take all of their furniture with me when I left!

t does wool said...

oh...lovely, just lovely...I love Maine,but we are headed South.

Anonymous said...

Hi ADW, I'm Eliza's mom....I'm glad you like it! We've had it since 1972...lived there summers for a few years, then moved next door, (where we go in summers. I'm a painter and use the barn and surrounding landscape for my work.)
This has been a summer rental for maybe 15 years, and lots of people come back and back. It's especially loved by young families with small kids, and certain other people too.
Do think about coming, and tell your friends about it. But they mustn't take the furniture!
Is it spring where you are? Not in PA yet. Hopeful!

Hilary said...

Oh, I wish Maine weren't so far away!

emu said...

Hi, I tried to leave a msg.but was not able to get the link to work--the cabin looks wonderful, how much is it for the week in July? Thanks