Friday, April 17

mitts for spring

This spring seems to have taken a long time to come. Actually, I think that I always expect spring to come earlier than it does. By the time April rolls around, I think there should be daffodils and warm sunny weather, but there never is. This year seemed especially rainy and cold, especially on days when I planned to be outside running. (I'm still running! But that's another post.)

A few weeks ago, when Lisa came over I showed her the yarns I'd spun. She really loved some merino I spun sometime last year, some hand painted stuff that I got at Downtown Yarns when I first started spinning. (I can't remember the brand, unfortunately. Though maybe you can recognize and identify the tag.) This is how it looked unspun.And this is it spun, last May.Lisa thought I should make some mitts. I don't usually take other people's advice to heart, but I cast on for a pair of mitts within a week. And I improvised the pattern as I went.
They fit perfectly, and I've been getting quite a lot of use out of them for the past month or so.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to photograph them very well.

They are squishy and soft and so cozy, and wearing them makes me smile. I made these. I spun the yarn and made up the pattern and knit them. And they fit me. They warm me.


knithound brooklyn said...

they are perfect. you made them. from scratch. satisfaction through and through.

Hilary said...

What a GREAT use of handspun yarn. Mitts are something you can wear every single day, and they allow the product of your spinning to be on display. Fantastic!

Ami said...

It's fleece artist merino sliver-
And, anything made from handspun is so satisfying.

nicole said...

Yes, I can confirm, it is Fleece Artist.

nicole said...

Oh, yeah, forgot to add: very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love them!!