Thursday, October 7

return of knitting mojo

I have been knitting seriously since about 2002, when I finished grad school and my mother mailed me her extra knitting needles. I was living near Downtown Yarns and I passed the store window at least once a week on my way here and there. I needed a hat, so I made one. And then I made another. And I started making them for all of my friends and relatives. And then I discovered patterns, and knitting books. And And then there were knitting blogs and more patterns, and there just seemed to be inspiration everywhere. And then there was Ravelry and I just went crazy knitting and knitting and knitting.

And then I got pregnant. Which was a great thing. It was something we really wanted, and I had anticipated making tons of baby things, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was tired, grumpy, anxious. I made a blanket and some hats, but the whole thing was really half-hearted. I really had to force myself to make those things.

The lack of creative interest continued to some extent after Eamon was born. I sort of figured I had grown out of knitting, that the baby was taking my energy and that I had just entered a new chapter of my life, but BEHOLD! That is not true! It is back! Suddenly I can't stop making things, or think about making things. I'm having fun again with my hands.

I had a meeting recently with a theater director, a woman I met about a year ago who has a baby 5 months older than Eamon. She and I are working on a project together, and I mentioned my lack of creative mojo. Or rather, I mentioned that I was feeling much more motivated to create than I had in a long time. And she said that she had a theory that this was related to hormones, and to babies starting solids and therefore nursing less. And since my body is less about providing for the baby, it is allowing me to start thinking about things that are non-baby. If that makes any sense.

All of this brings me to a few things I knitted in August, as the mojo was returning.

First of all: the Norweigan Sweet Baby Cap by Gro.

2010 Knitting 3
A very popular pattern on Ravelry and something I have been wanting to make for a very long time. I finally started it when we were in Maine in late July. I am determined to use just stash yarn (still) and so I used some Knit Picks Palette that I've had lying around. The lavender is Koigu.
2010 Knitting 4
This was a great pattern. Unfortunately I made it too small and it doesn't fit Eamon. I can't remember what I did, but I will try to make it again in a larger gauge yarn.

Second: Stay on Baby Booties by Knitgirl's Mother.
2010 Knitting 2
Another great pattern, easy and quick. I used some more of the Palette since I thought it would be nice if these matched. Again, they were too small for Eamon. He thought it was great fun to try them on though, and after I took them off he put one of them back near his foot. I think he was trying to put it back on, but he doesn't know how.

I ended up giving both of these to a friend at her baby shower. I'm sure she can use them this winter, and hopefully she doesn't have issues with wool and babies.

In any case, I hope to have more to share with you all again soon. The main issue is getting onto the computer and finding the mental space to blog, hopefully more than once a month. Stay tuned.


Hilary said...

The knitting mojo/having a baby thing is very interesting to me, and the theater director's theory makes perfect sense. I haven't made this public on my blog yet, but I'll be having a baby in March, and my experience so far has been exactly as you described yours! I keep wondering why I don't feel like creating things with yarn/fabric like I always have...but I guess my body is too wrapped up in a different kind of creation (maybe the ultimate form of creation) to care much about sweaters. I did make a shrug recently that I thought brought back my mojo...but it didn't.

I love your new baby knits, and the mama-to-be who got them is very lucky! I also love the story about Eamon wanting to put the booties back adorable!

t does wool said...

Beautiful post Eliza...honest and true.
beautiful knits~

Jessi said...

I'm so glad your mojo has returned. I do love seeing your projects :-)
As for me, I seemed to develop knitting super-mojo during pregnancy and right after the baby. After crawling it was more a lack of time than a lack of mojo that kept me from my knitting. Of course, the housework mojo definitely suffered....