Wednesday, June 8

the beginning of summer

We have retreated to Maine. It really does feel like we have abandoned New York and everything that was going on (or not going on) down there. We arrived very late on Saturday night, with a 2 door compact car stuffed with our gear for 3 weeks, Eamon and the cat, who was remarkably cheery considering the long car ride. Being a Saturday and a time when summer travel hasn't really begun, there was no traffic either: a huge bonus.

The month stretches ahead, with possibilities of things to accomplish: a baby blanket in progress for a friend, novels I'd like to read, plus games and activities to do with Eamon. So far I did a bit of knitting in the car, and Eamon has played with the hose and some plastic pails, which was pretty exciting for him.

We are still getting into a groove... Let's hope the days are full and productive!

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