Saturday, August 27

waiting for Irene

After a few days of warnings, and a frenzied (and over rushed) trip to get groceries yesterday, we holed up today to wait for the hurricane. Irene is supposed to hit New York hard and parts of the city have been evacuated. Our apartment is on higher ground, so today was just about waiting for the storm to hit.

And it was just a rainy day. I imagine we will be stuck inside all day tomorrow, but somehow we were in Hunker Down Mode, and so stayed inside for most of today too.

Yesterday, a book I ordered came, just in time for the storm:

  First Art : Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos 
Awesome book. It has tons of projects for kids Eamon's age. While Eamon was playing in the other room with Christopher, I whipped up some play dough. (we didn't have any white flour, so it had specks of whole wheat in it. Oh well.)
play dough
And later, when Eamon tired of that (which was pretty soon, actually), I pulled out some tempera and liquid starch and we did a little finger painting.
First finger painting
Probably predictably, he was very interested in the pouring of the paint onto the paper, and kept wanting me to add more. Also, he wasn't so into getting the paint on his hands. He really wanted them to stay clean. So I gave him a brush, which he really liked using.
We went for a walk (it had stopped raining), saw some emergency vehicles and an evacuation center (both around the corner) and when we came back he wanted to do more painting. All in all, he made 3 pictures. Each of them took probably less than 2 minutes, but it is satisfying to see him trying these things out and enjoying them.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Irene was not as bad as expected. At least you were prepared with some good "rainy day" activities! We have that book and Edda loves all the projects with have done from it.

Hilary said...

What fun activities! I'm looking forward to the day I can do crafty projects with Daniel. I like the idea of whole wheat play-doh, too. :)

As the above commenter said, I'm also glad Irene wasn't as bad as expected, and I hope your place wasn't damaged at all.

iro iro said...

Hi, I'm glad to see you are still blogging. Your little boy is beautiful and you're clearly enjoying life with him. I'm determined to blog more now too. Take care!