Saturday, April 21

so, so long

You may have noticed that there is a LARGE gap in posts. I posted sporadically last summer, and then not at all until this week.

Things have shifted a lot since Eamon was born. Yes, I am married to the same man and live in the same apartment, but I don't do the same things from day to day. Theater has been my passion for many, many years. I still love it, but I don't know how to continue working in it when the pay wouldn't cover child care and the hours are long. More than anything, I want to be there for my son. Theater not only would take me away, but it wouldn't help me provide for him.

Last August, confused about what to do with my life, I went to a career development workshop that my alma mater was hosting for moms looking to start working again. I had been working 1 day per week since Jan 2011 and I had designed the set for a show, but I didn't feel like I had a career or focus anymore.

The workshop enabled me to see what skills I had and how I could best use them, and in late September I launched my new business, Eliza's Eye Family Photography.  The business took up every spare moment I had in the fall, between figuring out how to run it, doing shoots, retouching photos and whatnot - all during Eamon's naps and after he is in bed or when Christopher could watch him. Now that the logistics of the business have been more or less figured out (though of course there is always room to grow), I feel a little more able to knit and read blogs and whatever else I did before. And so I am back.

I'm not sure where this blog will go, or if I will continue it for long. But it might be fun to see where it takes me...

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Hilary said...

I've been following your photography business a bit on Facebook -- you are incredibly talented and I think it's so great you've found something you enjoy and launched your own business! Congratulations. :)

Also, wherever this blog goes, I'll still be reading!