Thursday, July 26

Photo project

I'm starting one of those photo-per-week projects with a friend. We are posting our photos for each other on Flickr, and following a general list of themes that we found online.

Our first week (this week!) the theme was Summer/Winter. we used it a little liberally and each of us just did Summer. Here is my photo, from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Family Night last night.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Family Night/Summer


Megan T said...

Hi! I found your blog through one of your comments on thekitchn..

"We used a caterer that also has a gourmet shop in Philadelphia, and is used to making very tasty massive amounts of food. We had a big green salad, roast pork tenderloin (which wasn't dry at all- a huge fear of mine), polenta casserole with grilled veggies, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans plus hors d'oeurves. (our wedding was in October, thus the heavy food.)"
i live in philly and will be getting married next year- can you tell me the name of the caterer? Thanks!!

Eliza said...

Megan, We used DiBruno Bros. They were amazing.