Saturday, March 3

Here we are

Day one of our blog. Navigating this software has been a little bit of a headache... All I want it to do is make it clear that Christopher & I are not the same person when we post. Can we have different typefaces? Different columns? Alas, the blogging software isn't so simple.

For now, I've given up and have just decided to launch this damn thing. So, welcome.

Welcome to The Brown Wall: The Blog.

The purpose of the blog? I'd like to share who we are and what we are doing, how we and our lives are changing after our wedding. What are we accomplishing? What are we up to?

So here is my first post, along with a photo of us a week before our wedding, in mid-October 2006. Our apartment doesn't look like that anymore... but that's the fun of this blog. At some point, we'll post some photos of what it looks like now. Or what we're thinking it should look like. Or what we wish it didn't look like.

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