Sunday, March 4

bedroom in progress

The first week that we lived in this apartment, I told a friend that I really wanted to paint the bedroom first so it would start feeling like home. Here we are, 5 months later, and we've just started on it.

Our bedroom has the most cracked walls of any room in the apartment. One gets the sense that if you touch the right spot, the wall will crumble and you will have a gaping hole as well as a big mess. We've held back on the bedroom because there is just so much to patch and sand in there. It's overwhelming.

This weekend we scraped, we pulled out the soft plaster, we patched, we patched again, we sanded, we primed. And we painted two coats of "quiet memories" onto our wall. As soon as we'd cleared the dropcloths, Dinah, our cat, pranced in and made herself at home on the bed as if all the work had been done just for her.

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