Thursday, March 22

apartment photos

We moved in on September 28. Some people think we've had plenty of time to renovate and others think we've done a lot considering that short time. It seems like time to share some images of what we've done, along with pictures of what it looked like when we first saw the apartment. If you haven't heard, there were 13 people living here, with a family in each bedroom and someone sleeping in the dining area! Needless to say, our downstairs neighbor told me that she's very pleased we are living here now.

Here is the view from our living room past the dining room and to the front door. Yes, that is a bed in the dining area.

Here it is today, with Christopher painting our front door. Any suggestions for a new ceiling light for the hallway?

Here is our "office," an L-shaped room that Christopher and I share. This is the windowless side of it, where I now have my drafting table set up. This is back when it was a bedroom. There was this bed, another double bed on the other side, a crib and a big TV.

yes, it's very messy. Sadly, I haven't been working on anything, so I have mostly been just dumping things there instead of organizing it.

Lastly, here is our living room before.
Yikes! Look at air conditioner in the fire escape window! That's such a fire hazard!

Here it is in January. The walls really aren't so orange. That chair in the foreground is actually white. The sunlight pours in all day though, so in the late afternoon (when this photo was taken) it can look like this.

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Wilster said...

Hey kiddo,
I'm enjoying it. Maybe a shot of the kitchen before and after?