Thursday, March 15

our past

I haven't had much time to post recently. I do have some ideas of what to write, just not the time to write it.

Since I don't want to go too long without a post, I thought I'd upload a photo or two. I'm on Christopher's computer and just went through his iphoto album. There was a picture of an iceberg that looked good, but I was surprised to see older pictures too. We scanned a bunch of photos from our childhood for a slideshow at our wedding. Here is one representing each of us.

Christopher with his mother and sister around age 3.

me with my parents at about age 3.

I am continually in awe at how we go from being little children to bigger children to teenagers to twentysomethings to, well, adults. Now people I know, people my age, have children that are 3. The cycles of life just confound me. It all goes so fast.

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