Sunday, March 11

growing up

About a month ago, with some money we received for the wedding, Christopher and I bought six dining chairs on eBay. Six matching teak Danish modern chairs. Sturdy chairs. Chairs that are comfortable to sit in.

They arrived on Thursday afternoon, and were lining our entryway when I got home from work. They were stacked and looked temporary, as if they were just hanging out until they had to go somewhere else. We tried them out. Christopher said they were uncomfortable; I thought they were great.

We entertained last night and the chairs were put to use. They now pepper our living room, clustered near the sofa or the armchair. There are so many chairs that I have to walk around them to get to the den from the living room. Clearly, we still need to get rid of our old chairs.

The new chairs make me feel very grown up. They match, they blend into our apartment. Our apartment is looking somewhat intentional and put together, and when I sit back and look at it I'm somewhat shocked. I can't really wrap my head around how I got from point A to point B. Five years ago, I was living in a first floor 2-bedroom rental apartment with a roommate. We had loft beds and cockroaches and rats. And now I share a 3-bedroom apartment with my husband. Not only do I now own real estate: I now have a food processor and china and cookbooks and tons of bakeware. I have three loaf pans of different sizes.

Is this a good thing? Is this path taking me somewhere I want to go? I can say that I'm happy here. I like spending my evenings cooking for the two of us, imagining better ways to arrange the furniture. But is this the Mommy-track? Did I make a wrong turn as far as my career is concerned?

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