Sunday, May 6

together time

I love being married and having a partner in life.

In some ways I feel very old fashioned, since we only moved in together three weeks before our wedding. (hello stress!) We knew each other pretty well and were sure of what we were getting into, but I also feel like -rather than going through an adjustment period- we've been mellowing into our companionship since then.

Recently we've been taking long walks on the weekends, enjoying spring and this wonderful weather. Yesterday we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where everything is in bloom and the lilacs smell heavenly. We wandered through the garden for about an hour, barely stopping except to record it, and then headed down to an art opening in Park Slope.

I'm not sure how to describe these afternoons together. We don't talk about anything especially interesting, but being together is just glorious. We laugh, we hug, we chatter on about this or that thing on our minds, reconnecting with each other after the work week. I feel so refreshed and whole, relaxed. And it makes me dread the end of the weekend.


a side note:
I have recently been informed that it is hard to leave comments on this blog, that sometimes they don't appear. I am not sure why that is, but I hope it doesn't keep you readers from trying!

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