Tuesday, May 8

7 things about me

There is a sort of chain letter circulating among blogs. When someone is "tagged," they must post 7 random things about themselves and then choose 7 other blogs who must then do the same. I have recently been tagged by boodely, who is someone I have actually met in real life. I can even say she inspired me to start this blog.

So, here goes.

1. I once played Francis Flute in a children's version of A Midsummer's Night Dream. I was about 10 and I took acting classes with my friend Emily (that's her with the knee socks). Though it was a severely cut version, I still played Thisbe with enormous fake eyelashes and had to fall over "dead" onto a boy (Pyramus/Bottom) who was much larger than me. I found the whole romance part of the plot extremely embarassing.
Somehow I also managed to chew gum through the first half of the show. I thought I was very good at hiding it, but my parents (who I visited at intermission) made me spit it out for the second half.

2. I have never dyed my hair or plucked my eyebrows. I actually could care less about either, and was surprised in grad school when a rather queeny costume designer admitted that he thought I plucked my eyebrows. (I'm not totally sure, but I think that's a good thing.)

3. I was a horrible sleeper until about age 16. It always took me several agonizing hours to get to sleep until I was in summer camp and shared a cabin with 7 other girls. One night when we were going to sleep/gossiping, I admitted that I was afraid of the dark, and one girl told me that they were all there for me, that the darkness was a warm, friendly darkness and somehow that was enough to reassure me. I now fall asleep at the drop of the hat.

4. I did horribly in science in high school (I once scored a 16/100 on an ecology test) but I am fascinated by the chemistry of food. I know very little about it, but it is amazing that I can make mayonnaise and salad dressing. Favorite cooking term: emulsify!

5. In another life I would have had a sheep farm and spent my days spinning wool and knitting it. I actually know very little about sheep and farming, but the idea of this captivates me. :)

6. I am happiest when I am busy creating something, whether that's writing, drawing, knitting, or planning what our den is going to look like. Much as I try to deny it, I need a creative outlet.

7. I'm not a big chocolate fan. I mean, it's ok, but I don't understand the whole chocoholics thing or why people are so gaga over it. If I were to choose how to eat my chocolate, I would say I prefer a bar of very good quality dark chocolate, maybe with some nuts in it. The bitterness is good. I like those deep, complex flavors. But chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake, I can do without.

I've been hesitant to write these seven things because I actually don't know anyone with a blog besides Boodely, and I can't very well tag her back with this chain letter thing. I will be searching for blogs... If any of you have one that you're hiding from me, now is the time to fess up! :)

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boodely said...

Great picture! It's hilarious what kids think they can conceal when it's totally obvious – both what they're hiding, and that they're trying to hide it.