Saturday, May 12

continuing renovations

With my schedule becoming busy very soon, and Christopher now on summer break, we've decided it's time to reattack our apartment renovations. Today we moved the furniture and boxes out of our "den" and are prepping it to paint. Hopefully by tomorrow night it will be Prescott Green.

It is wonderful to see the room, which has become a dumping place, nearly empty. Suddenly I begin to imagine where we should put that table or some shelves on the wall. It needs to be more efficient and better kept. And we need to get rid of the cat odor.

Before Christopher started sanding we went around with putty knives and pulled off any paint or plaster that seemed loose. Of course, this includes large chunks of the wall, and now we're left with bumpy holes that need better attention than I am qualified to give. It seems that the entire wall behind the radiator/below the windows just needs to be replaced, as it fell of with barely any scraping. Oh dear. I get the sense that at some point the windows were really leaky, as in addition to the crappy walls the windows are newer in that room than in the rest of the apartment.

Since we've already had an ant infestation, I'm now having visions of some horrible thing coming through that hole. Maybe I need to stuff something in there for the time being... Also, for those of you who are thinking "oh, that paint texture is sort of cool! Why will they paint/patch over it?" think this: that stuff is so toxic! I am 100% sure that it's lead paint and we do not need to be flaking around here!

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