Monday, May 14

our green den

We have decided to ignore the problems with the wall, or avoid them, for now. My father said he'd come up this week to help replaster the rotten parts (there's now another huge hole on the opposite wall) and so we're painting whatever doesn't need to be patched, including the woodwork.

Our woodwork is disgusting. It seems that many years ago, when they skim-coated the walls, they also skim-coated all of the molding. This means that all detail has been lost on the woodwork, it's sort of amorphous and globby, covered with shiny, dirty white paint. In every other room we have simply skipped painting the woodwork, not sure what to do with it, but with our den we thought we'd try painting it the same as the walls. So far we like it, though perhaps at some point we'll repaint it with a slightly glossier version of the same paint.

Our painting has made chaos of our entire apartment and I came home tonight wishing it were neat again. The feng shui is definitely off, but it's not worth correcting until we're done with this project. I'm beginning to find it all completely overwhelming (perhaps it's the project I start tomorrow?) and I told Christopher that I'd sew curtains for the den tonight. All I want to do is sleep...

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