Tuesday, May 22

back to school

So I now have a job for three weeks that requires me to blog. What do you think of that? We're supposed to blog when we get home at night and send our entries to the blogmaster, who will eventually organize it all and post it on the main site. It's not a public blog, just a site for everyone on the project to see once we're done. Cathartic but a little dangerous, in my opinion.

We went to my college reunion last weekend. It was not as exciting as I was expecting, mostly because it rained the whole time and so the major events (alumnae parade and the campus illuminated by lanterns) were cancelled. I was really looking forward to showing Christopher that crazy female energy, the pep rally that these events can be, but it didn't work out. The parade was moved to the gym, and instead of us walking in it, the class officers walked. LAME.

It was also very cold and so I changed out of my white outfit as soon as possible after we bailed from the dumb speeches.

We went to a very interesting lecture on geology and wine, which included a wine tasting. We sat with an old friend of mine and her fiance, and we all got extremely drunk. Another woman started passing out baby pictures, and somehow our table was dubbed the "happy table" by the professor. Oops.

(If you're familiar with wine tastings, usually you spit out the wine you don't drink, but there weren't any spit tubs, so everyone there just drank the wine in their glasses.)

We stayed with old family friends in Amherst, which was very low-key and fun. They just opened an ice cream store in Greenfield, so we got to see that and taste their goods (highly recommended) and visit with them a little.

On Sunday morning we went to the Smith graduation, just to hear the speaker: Gloria Steinem. I thought she was incredibly inspiring and energizing, but Christopher was offended that she referred to the "patriarchy." I told him that the speech wasn't really meant for him, it was aimed at the graduating (female) seniors, and that made him even more miffed. He doesn't like being excluded.

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does Ms Steinham still think we're in a patriarchy. impatient gal.