Thursday, May 24

a tag

Here's a quick one, since it's late and I have to do my other blog for work.

I have just discovered that an old acquaintance from college has a blog as well. (Interestingly, we have a similar layout.) We didn't get to catch up so much at reunion, but we did say hello and I met her amazing little girl. In any case, I have decided to tag her for that "7 Things About Me" thread from a few weeks back (the one where I didn't know anyone with a blog to hand it off to).

So here it is. Tag number one: Mango Bounce

The rules are simple: You must list 7 random things about you and then pass it on to 7 other blogs, linking to the blogs in your own blog and also telling them about it on their blog.


Kristy said...

I promise I will get to this, but at the moment said little girl has a stomach virus, and my husband is conveniently in Germany (because he has exceptional timing, this happened last year too!)

Soon though.

Eliza said...

no worries! Do it at your own pace!