Monday, May 28

a more finished den

We had visitors today, and in an effort to seem civilized we (mostly Christopher) arranged our den. We hung a shelf, some paintings, wall lamps. In a fit of brilliance we put the sofa under the windows. At the moment it bumps up against our enormous radiator, but we'd like to replace the radiator with a smaller one and turn it towards the corner, and then the sofa will fit.

So, here are some preliminary photos. Clearly we still need to do some organizing, but it's coming along rather nicely, I think. It's cozy, relaxed, less of a dump room and more of a place to hang. Even Dinah has taken a shine to it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice den. Moreno and I are now putting in a two storey library off the guest room where you and Christopher stayed. You should come back and check it out. However, it does not have comfortable furniture like your place - plenty of books but no place to sit.

Last week I saw Carlotta. In splendid form. She says hi.