Sunday, June 3

the ants march in

We can't seem to get rid of our ants. They reappeared when we were painting, throwing themselves like lemmings out of an electrical outlet. I put down a cotton ball laced with sugar and Borax and they shrivelled up and stopped swarming.
Now another group has discovered the bowl of cat food. Christopher dumped out the food and took a photo last night. This morning they were once again eating the cat food. I put the bowl in a dish of water, and the ants drowned trying to take the food home. A little sick but it worked. Unfortunately this group is too savvy for Borax and it doesn't care about cayenne, which is supposed to be a deterrent. Anyone out there have some good ant solutions? I'm getting desperate.

In the rest of my life, things are busy. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of my rehearsals. It's been great but I'm ready to have my life back. I move directly from that into designing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we leave on Friday for a week in Vermont: our belated honeymoon. I can't wait!


Terra said...

Derek says to put the bowl on a tray with water in it, maybe with some dish soap or vinegar in it. I'm sure Dinah would love this solution.

Carl said...

poison would be the most efficient solution.