Sunday, July 1

row by row

You may remember the tank top I was knitting myself, way back in May. The neckline was all wrong and I couldn't figure out why. On our trip to Western Mass in late May I reread the directions, tore out the neck and redid it. It now fits well; I just need to sew in the threads and block it. I'm not sure why I drag my feet on the detail parts, which will only take an hour or so. I'd love to start wearing it; the weather is just perfect. I guess this then raises the question of what I'm working on now. I'm glad you asked! I've got two projects on my needles. One is a sweater for Christopher. The other is a floppy baby hat that I'm knitting for my cousin's new baby. I'm terrible at knitting things for people; it's so hit or miss with whether I get it done or whether they'll like it. This hat is going to be a little bohemian, and honestly I'm not counting on them liking it. But I want to make it, so I am going to. And in the end maybe I'll just give it to someone else, or keep it.

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