Wednesday, August 29

small victories

There are just a few days until Christopher returns, and I've started cleaning up in anticipation. I had the day off today and hoped to have the place spic and span by tonight, but alas, it is still fairly dusty.

Instead of cleaning, I ended up doing a few home improvement things that I've been putting off: put a door stop behind our bedroom door, hung a few more photos in our hallway and I put knobs on some of the cabinets in our kitchen. The knobs are fairly major. We've had knobs on maybe half of the cabinets up till now. The problem is that the doors don't all line up and they require tons of tweaking, and I want to get the tweaking done before attaching the knobs.
(yes, I know it's not perfect, but it was such a pain!)

So today I pulled out the drill and adjusted here and there and managed to attach seven new knobs.And now it is so easy to get to my spice drawer!! ah!! Why didn't I do this sooner?

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