Sunday, August 12

sweating along

I've been reading a bunch of knitting blogs recently. There are some really inspiring knitters out there, writing about their craft. I wish I was one of them. Unfortunately, I am not interested enough in knitting to devote an entire blog to it. One of my favorite bloggers made a sweater from Rowan called Jarrett, and Christopher agreed that he would wear something like that, if I wanted to make him a sweater.

Last night I finished the collar and I did a Google search for the pattern, thinking I might see some other photos of what I'm making. I found this, and then I thought I should probably post a photo of the sweater, in case anyone out there is interested. The color is a little blue. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning or I'd try to correct that. The sleeves are also done. I just need to make elbow patches, sew them onto the sleeves and then attach the sleeves to the body of the sweater. Oh, and then I have to sew the sides up and attach buttons. But then I'll be done!

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